The Ghost

Poetry | Amanda Davis

A strange jar to the face. Never lost but never to embrace.

“If that’s the way you want it, that’s the way you shall have it.”

You wanted to leave it alone, but you knew you were right.

I’ve already forgotten everything you’ve said…

Can you drown out the sound as well as I can?

Eyes on me, you begin to decode.

A season of strength turns into a season of sorrow.

“You’re the rose thrown on stage that goes unseen.”

“The black street-cat under the super moon’s glare.”

Share your secrets if you dare!

You’re undisturbed. I stand corrected.

Your uninvited glare seeping through my messed up, clogged up filtered walls.

So I fight the penetration.

That’s my war, after all.


Puzzle Project

Poetry | Kelley Rattinger

a thousand piece puzzle,

we manage to clip together some


half a shell with

an inside mashed in no

special               order

under the couch a piece or two, and

we never clean under the couch

Retire My Number

Poetry  |  Michael Deabold


Public places make me nervous.

The waiting room gets smaller.

Document my thoughts.

And all these things they’ve done.

Send me the final draft.

Sign it in vein.

Outlook the failures of my history, sweetheart.


When I talk.

There isn’t a dry eye in the house.

Seeds in a pot.

Trying to grow.

Breezes strike wind-chimes.

Melodies to my remembrance.

Like a dandelion in the grass.

My scattered ashes will float away.


Memorize my lines.

Until the day I die.

Rhythmical to the beat of your heart.

And grieve until you no longer feel me depart.



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