Autumn is Coming


Poetry | Michael Deabold; Photo | Cody Deabold


Why does everyone die,
The summer after high school?
We all relate, my friends and I.
We miss the past.
And don’t like constant change.
We’re broke.
And the only time we talk is when we’re down.
That’s okay I need the company anyway.
We all wanna’ break away from this town.
But like the leaves in the fall.
We are all stuck together on this ground.

Meet Me in the Stars




Poetry | Angelica Lombardo ; Photo | Cody Deabold

how did the universe
come up with you
looking into your eyes
i see the cosmos
but in the sky
in every star
there is a little piece of you.



Over, Backward

Poetry | Kelley Rattinger


most likely

you make me come

with you, in all matters in all

manners, in all those parallel playgrounds

outside this here, ground

and most likely that’s a lot of bending


there, i imagine

outside this here, ground

i bend deep like an artist

some acrobat swinging,

swimming through tricks and

a light that makes you look again


here is where

i bend like a silly straw, stiff

predictable plastic knots

you’re the sweet juice, twirling

tumbling in bends in circles, swirling

up up up! into my mouth


and here is where you say “baby” and

since i am not a baby

i drink, you

taste like the ground, maybe

i’ll grow, i think

you think “baby” again and so

i wither






















Poetry | Jasminne Ezratty;  Photo | Michael Lee

 I don’t think I’ve been okay since 1993

Then again, I was the surprise baby for my parents

So how are you supposed to take care

Of something that isn’t exactly meant to exist?

I’ve tried waging war on the world,

but mostly myself

Sent all my good soldiers to the battlefield






They all returned,

but they were extremely wounded.

I got some new “allies”

Perpetual sadness.

Lack of interest in anything.

Bad habits.

I really thought I’d win this war back in middle school

Before things got really out of control

Here I am, able to legally buy a beer

And I’m growing tired of war

And all my soldiers are barely alive

And these “allies” have done more harm than help

I’ve got nothing left to lose

Except false hope and temporary sense of security

The white flag in the distance looks tempting

Maybe I’ll just













A Birdhouse for Two

Poetry | Michael Deabold


Though the sorrows of a river bank can’t heal me,
The way you smile can.
Like a bird in a nest, I feel safe.
As pathetic as it sounds,

I can’t fly without you.
In a world so cold,
Could you keep me warm?
So I can stand once again,
When my bad side rises.
Can I take a piece of you to tame it?
I said goodbye and kissed you on the forehead.
Hoping our love’s still worth saving.
I know you still hold the key.


Poetry | Angelica Lombardo


you are the brisk midnight breeze
on the warmest night of summer
the kind that wakes you up
and makes you think
to grab the covers

you are the sun in my life
the moon to my tides
the stars to my sky
my silent demise

Regarding Employment Opportunity

Poetry | Kelley Rattinger

I would like to express my interest in becoming a member of Your





I have a strong background in worship,

the details of which you can find on my resume,

which I’ve attached to the space between my body and your job requirements.


Feel free to browse.


I understand the market is flooded,

and perhaps my bullet points





,but my application is permanent.

I believe this makes me an ideal candidate for the position,









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