To Die on a Sunday

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Tearless I dress for the wake. Black-whip breeze distracts me from my distractions.

What Marquis De Sade God binds us to life then topples us

like so many dominoes manipulating an earthquake.

To die on a Sunday when the workers’s world’s sleeped. To slip ‘neath Sunday sheets.

Clueless I pace towards the door. My million-mile rug. My trap-door floor.

Icicle tear-drops, cemetery isles, death’s beneath my feet.

I remember when we were ghosts in the ghettos obediently kneeling

‘for our needles through the nights.

Before LSD gave birth to crack cocaine. Ignorance of innocence mitigate the strife.

Restless I wrestle my seat. Ashen faces, cardboard smiles.

“How’re you doing?s” and “How’ve you beens?”. “Hope you’re not doing better than me”.

And I took it all in. Me with my welfare fingers. Rich from a distance. Poor to the bone.

Hiding my sorrow. Dodging their questions. Glued to the doorway and counting the time.

Senseless I question the clues.

Years-long tears. Main-vein stains. Weekend’s whiskeys, all-days sleeps.

Midnight shivers and mid-morn weeps. Lawyers and lovers and liars and thieves.

Guiltless I spit at the sky.

Tornadoes on Christmas. Star-wars sports. Cancer-cells sway as in daffodil deserts.

AZT cocktails, sweet diabetes, gender-raped children and blood-clot’s disease.

Finally I accept that you’re gone.

And I’m left down here to rot. Chained to my beliefs in my attitude-dungeon.

Dutifully waiting by the phone, praying no-one calls.

And lament that you passed in gentle September. Died on a Sunday.

Deserted us in your sleep.


Untitled Painting No. 1

Tonight is the latest entry in our new series, “Fine Art Tuesdays“. Each week you’ll see our latest work in the Digital Arts , Illustration, Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture, and more.  Have some work you’d like to be shown? Whatever it is lets see what you’ve got, so send your work to sighinginunison@gmail.com. We’d love to post it on the site! Bryan kicks us off this week with an untitled painting.