Retire My Number

Poetry  |  Michael Deabold


Public places make me nervous.

The waiting room gets smaller.

Document my thoughts.

And all these things they’ve done.

Send me the final draft.

Sign it in vein.

Outlook the failures of my history, sweetheart.


When I talk.

There isn’t a dry eye in the house.

Seeds in a pot.

Trying to grow.

Breezes strike wind-chimes.

Melodies to my remembrance.

Like a dandelion in the grass.

My scattered ashes will float away.


Memorize my lines.

Until the day I die.

Rhythmical to the beat of your heart.

And grieve until you no longer feel me depart.


The Resurrection of Osiris

Poetry  |  Kelley Rattinger

This is my candle and it has always burned.
Sometimes when It,

I close my lungs up tight until I’m

awake again and
it burns.

My candle is bright like the afternoon,
when shadows are outcasts and all the
world is rising.
It is warm like an embrace,
the sort of hold that leaves you
suckling on an old dream.
It is faithful but it is not the sun
and I am


I am bluer than the ocean today, and so I
and here I am, blue,
and there You are
and I am extinguished.


Poetry  |  Amanda Davis


I wanted to tell you of my dreams.

But when you hear the wind whistling, you know it ain’t going to be fun.

So I dated that Mayan who had no color…

And what came of it was not one easy breath drawn.


For Once I Felt Fine

Poetry  |  Tyler Gmelin

Clawing at sheets
You lied enjoying every minute
Asking for my every moment
And I’d be sure you’d get it

I’d bend over backwards for you as
You once did for me
Or so I thought.

Or so I thought of you kind,
Unlike any other
Or so I thought you’d never think of another.

Your  voice still calls to me in my mind
And some days I really don’t mind
Running the thoughts of you in my head
Hearing every empty word you could have said.
And I didn’t mind what I had to defend,
So long as I had you in the end.

For once everything was fine,
Or so I thought.
For once I felt fine,
And I didn’t mind, I didn’t mind.


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